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Mel Evans

Publisher, author, speaker
Internet Presence

Website: http://www.traum.com

About Mel Evans

I got interested in religion very early, and by the age of eight demanded to get baptized, since I used to go to the church alone, after the church service.

I also got interested in my dreams in childhood, since I realized that things I had dreamt did really happen. By the age of twenty, I started recording my dreams every day, analyzing them and working with them. After a while, I started having lucid dreams and I will never forget the first one I had. I was lying in my bed, feeling my sleeping body and how the air was drawn into my lungs. While in my dream, I was swimming in a pool, with my head under the water, feeling the water on my body. This still is an unforgettable feeling. even though I would not say that this was my favorite dream.

Meanwhile I collected several thousand of my own dreams. I judge the work of the ASD as very necessary, since through my own dreamwork I came to the viewpoint that our existence, things we design, instruments, etc. are drawn from our inner source. And dreams can connect us with this source. I am sure that working with my dreams changed the quality and energy of my life.

Two years ago, I started publishing the only German dream magazine, called Traum Communikation, and have now decided to no longer publish it in a printed version, but as an online magazine accessible for everybody. I am also designing and organizing the web site Traum Communikation--A Web Site for the Exchange of Dream Experience, which contains a net of dreamworkers, offers an open forum for the discussions, informs about research projects, offers a small variety of products, and will have extended features soon.

I earn my money by giving lectures on computer topics, programming (I have designed a software for cataloguing and working with dreams), market research and other services. Moreover, I write (publish articles), talk (get invited as a speaker) about dreams, and give dream courses at the Frankfurter Volkshochschule. After working subjectively and in self-studies, I am now starting to express my knowledge about dreams in public.

My favorite dream books are from Jane Roberts and Castaneda. I discovered both authors at the flea market at a young age. I also love jeremy Taylor's Dream Work and Franz Kafka's Traume (Dreams).

My notes on the IASD
 List of dream-related publications and/or web sites where my work is featured.

(In German)
"Dreams and Menstruation How Dreams Talk about Womanly Bleeding," Traum Communikation 1&2, 1998/1999

"Sphere (The Movie)--An Interpretation," Traum Communikation 3, 1999

The Dream: Revelation and Life Assistance, Mensch & Sein, 6/99, 1999/2000

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