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Meredith Smith

Vancouver WA / Portland OR

United States

Professional Dream Intuitive & Reiki Practitioner
Internet Presence

Website: www.ispeakindreams.com

About Meredith Smith

I have been working in my dreams since I was very young. I find myself living on the boundary line of two worlds - waking & dreaming. I am a dreaming nomad, wandering through realms, across countrysides of a parallel dimension, helping others within the astral realms. I find myself doing a lot of psychopomp work in my dreams, helping souls cross over into the afterlife and tending to souls catch between the physical and astral realms. I travel to far off lands, and near by towns, tending to souls, healing through Reiki, and giving / receiving messages for others.

I translate dreams through a combination of my nature gifts — my intuition and psychically channeled messages sent to me, along with my years of experience & training . Dream imagery contains psychic energy that, when unleashed, can transform the understanding of self and others. Through one-on-one sessions, dream circles, and workshops, I help dreamers unravel the symbolic messages sent to them within their dreams so that they may find healing within, greater awareness, and personal / spiritual transformation.

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