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Misa Tsuruta, MA



Ph.D. Candidate (Cognitive, Social & Developmental Psychology), Psychotherapist
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About Misa Tsuruta, MA

As of April 2014, I have a small private practice in Roppongi area, Tokyo. I have been psychodynamically trained, and dreamwork is part of my work.

I am also Ph.D. Candidate in cognitive, social, developmental psychology at The New School for Social Research, NY. I am also a dream journalist and a dancer. In the past IASD conferences I presented on dreaming tradition in Japanese culture, the relation of dance/movement and space to dreaming, and pregnancy dreams.

My dissertation deals with cultural differences (between American and Japanese) in perception in dreams and autobiographical memory, currently in the phase of data collection.

My favorite dream ever: The one I had while I was attending a dance workshop in Napa. I'm in a white, church-like building, with a few pillars. To Dubussy's La Mer I jump big jumps (grand jetes), one, two, three... Such a feeling of soaring into the air!

My favorite dream books: I always liked Ernest Hartmann's Dreams and Nightmares. I would say I am a fan of his Boundary Questionnaire. Tatara Mikihachiro (Japanese clinical psychologist/psychoanalyst/dream specialist)'s works (in Japanese0. Mark Blechner The Dream Frontier, Pat Garfield Creative Dreaming , Alan Siegel Dream Wisdom , among others. Hard to list all!!

My notes on the IASD

It was in summer 2003 when I was about to go back to the US for my second graduate school (The New School) that I realized that my interests in dreams were significant - and found IASD website. The following year, prior to the my first conference in Copenhagen I joined IASD.

Thereafter, I have been happily with IASD, having attended most international conferences and some regional ones. As a presenter I go back and forth between my interests in culture (Japanese) and more personal interests, such as dance. I have been keeping a dream journal for over 10 years. I am also a member of World Dreams Peace Bridge.

IASD has always welcomed me as an international and diverse community. I envision it become more and more international. I organize IASD Japan Group with its growing members. I co-hosted a mini-conference in Tokyo in July, 2013.

Currently I am Board of Director (2011-2014), and Regional Representative for 'Asia at large.'

 List of dream-related publications and/or web sites where my work is featured.

Tsuruta, M. (2015, Dec.). Cultural differences and similarities in dreams and personal narratives: A comparison between American and Japanese undergraduate and graduate students. (Dissertation)

Tsuruta, M. (2010, July). Myoe: A Buddhist dreamer. Presented at the 27th annual international conference of IASD, Asheville, NC.

Tsuruta, M. (2009, June). Pregnancy dreams. Presented at the 26th annual international conference of IASD, Chicago, IL.

Tsuruta, M. (2009, March). Do dreams reflect cultural differences in perception? Presented at the 3rd international conference of the Nordic and European Society for the Study of Dreams, Gothenburg Psychotherapy Institute, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Tsuruta, M. (2007, September). Dream sharing in Japan: Past and Present. Dreams and Culture, The 2nd international conference of the Nordic and European Society for the Study of Dreams, Bishop Grossteste University College, Lincoln, U.K.

Tsuruta, M. (2007, July). Folk psychology of dreaming: Japanese dream vocabulary and a pilot study on dream sharing in Japan. Presented at the 24th annual international conference of International Association for the Study of Dreams, Sonoma Valley, CA.

Tsuruta, M. (2006, November). Dreams in trauma and dissociation. Presented at the 22nd international conference of International Society for the Study of Dissociation, Los Angeles, CA.

Tsuruta, M. (2006, June). Moving out of dream, moving into dream: Increasing bodily and spatial awareness in dreams and waking life. Presented at the 23rd annual international conference of International Association for the Study of Dreams, Bridgewater, MA.

Tsuruta, M. (2005). Dreaming in Japan: An introduation to dream practices and dream-related arts in ancient, medieval, and modern Japan. Dream Time, 22 (2), 16-19.

Tsuruta, M. (2005, June). Dreaming in Japan: An overview of dream practices and dream related art in ancient, medieval, and modern Japan. Paper presented at the 22nd annual international conference of International Association for the Study of Dreams, Berkeley, CA

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