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Monica Renée Duncan, BA



Writer, Dreamworker
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Website: www.reconnectrevivethrive.com

About Monica Renée Duncan, BA

Member, International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD); Former Lay-chaplain, (non-denominational) commissioned 2010, Headwaters Health Care; Level l/ll Reconnective Healing Practitioner, 2009; First Degree Reiki, 2008; Shamanic Studies; Counselling Psychology, University of Waterloo; Journalism, Ryerson University; BA, University of Toronto. Author: Your Quantum Heart, Manifest from the Cosmic Web; Magazine writing and editing credits for numerous national and local publications spanning 30+ years. See Linked-In.

As a child I had scary nightmares. In response, my grandfather taught me how to face down a frightening dream. My grandmother taught me a technique that, unbeknownst to her, would take me right out of this realm and into the transpersonal. With new-found freedom from my fears, I began to pay closer attention.

Almost fifty years later, I am aware that messages from the deeps, our dream stories both good and bad, indicate what most needs nourishing in our lives. Beyond that they are a gateway to the sacred.

Through many types of practice, with journaling, Jungian process, shamanism, energy work, prayer, counselling others, I’ve learned to follow the ‘charge’ of an image, and dynamic tensions. As an intuitive, I gently encourage my clients to do the same.

I invite those interested in living intimately with spirit to join me for one-on-one dream discovery, the age-old path to personal and cultural wisdom. By phone or by Skype, for a little while or for as long as it takes, we work together to help create a comfortable awareness of and dialogue with the dream-time narrative.

FAVORITE DREAM EVER: While several of my favorite teaching dreams are documented in my ebook,Your Quantum Heart, Manifest from the Cosmic Web, my wonderful dreams are too numerous to even begin... Each have offered pertinent and on-point help and wisdom at different times, although the best 'big dreams' are for a lifetime and just keep on giving, their teachings developing richness and deeper meaning over time.

FAVORITE DREAM BOOK: Man and His Symbols and Memories, Dreams, Reflections, are books I go back to over and over. I so appreciate the path laid down by Carl Jung, especially his courage in both the academic and liminal realms. We can confidently move out from his roadmap, from our Terra to the cosmos.

My notes on the IASD

The IASD is a great organization for professional development. I really appreciate both its publications and delicious and varied conference offerings, and am looking forward to attending the next gathering

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WEBSITE: http://www.reconnectrevivethrive.com

Author: Your Quantum Heart, Manifest from the Cosmic Web

Amazon: http://www.amzn.to/SjAmzq
Kobo: bit.ly/Reilce

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