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Mr. Patrick D. Weymouth

12005-47 Street
Edmonton, Alberta


Parapsychology, Precognitive Dreamer
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About Mr. Patrick D. Weymouth

I am a precognitive dreamer and have had this all my life. I was born in 1959. I have many precognitive dreams or awake not but not asleep dreams. I believe that if you get enough information and are fortunate enough to have the same dream or many current dreams of people or places, there is the possibility to change the path of the dreamer for the better or the path that the dream leads to, being good or bad. In most cases I have found most of my dreams are of a thing that will happen in the future. I have been writing most of my dreams down as soon as I wake up, and I have a person read and sign them in the morning if they are or have been important in my beliefs. This is one way I have learned to have proof if it is ever needed about an event.

I had a vision of a young woman between 12-16 year old in 1994 approx and have had them almost 2 twice to 3 times a week since. My dreams reflect what she will do from say from today to as far in the future as 2013. I have tried to contact her with some luck to date but I also respect peoples' privacy so it is hard to put their info on the internet for someone to read and tell them. Jean Campbell told me that I must get a hold of this person because there is more than precognition involved here. She told me that precognition is like a double edged sword. I understand what she meant by that now. I swear I have never meet this person and when I started to have dreams of her there was no internet so the info I got would have had to have came from the dreams. She would have only been between approx 12-16 years old when I first had visions/dreams about her, her current age would be about 28.

For books I have read, both of Dale Graff's books, very interesting reading about remote viewing and precognition.

My notes on the IASD

I was asked by your Chairman Jean Campbell to join the IASD. I contacted here on a few occasions about some dreams that I have had. She was and still is a very helpful person in trying to explain things, at least that bother me. I have just finished certified schooling in Parapsychology.

With the help of members of IASD, I have been much more aware of my abilities and believe that a website like this with members with so much knowledge in so many fields & dreaming helps others who visit the website understand dreaming and precognition and take these events more seriously. It has helped me to sort of "go back to school" and study other fields other than dreams and their meanings.

 List of dream-related publications and/or web sites where my work is featured.

Currently, well as of 2010 I have been investigating precognition and remote viewing. I also have joined the Empath community. I am studying for my Bachlors Degree in Psychology. I also have been taking courses in Numerology because I have found it to be very interesting and it seems to be quite exact when readings are compared with the people who they are written for. As for publications, I am working on a paper on precognition verses intuition. My study in Psychology and Numerology has helped with my writing for the paper.

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