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Nicole Gratton

3375, blv. Gouin Est, # 705
Montreal, Qc. Canada H1H 5M1


Writer and director of a Dream School in Montreal
Internet Presence

Website: www.nicole-gratton.com

About Nicole Gratton

Nicole Gratton is a Canadian author. She wrote books about dreams and sleep: "Ideal Sleep", "Dream Incubation" and "Dreams and Death". All of her 15 books are in French and 3 of them are translated in Italian.

Before becoming a Dream Worker, she was a technician in Nuclear Medecine. She writes for many magazine in Quebec, teaches dream classes and act as a sleep consultant in business office. In 1992, Nicole founded the first Dream School in Montreal. She is now assisted by a team of Dreamworkers. She appeared in many television shows in Canada and one in Belgium.

My notes on the IASD

She has been a member of ASD since 1999 and a regular presenter to the Annual Conference.

 List of dream-related publications and/or web sites where my work is featured.

Books published in Canada and France:

L'Art de rêver, Le Dauphin Blanc, (1994) 2013
Le sommeil idéal, Éditions Un monde différent, 2000
La découverte par le rêve, Éditions Un monde différent, 2000
Vos rêves d'amour,Éditions Dangles, 2004
Découvrez votre mission personnelle,Éditions Un monde différent, 1999
Mon journal de rêves, Éditions de l'Homme, 1999
Les rêves, messagers de la nuit, Éditions de l'Homme, 1998
Rêves et Complices, Éditions Alexandre Stanké, 1995
Mon enfant fait des cauchemars,Éditions Alexandre Stanké, 2000
Dormire bene, Édizioni San Paolo (Italy), 2002
L'arte di sognare, Édizioni Amrita (Italy), 2004
Sogni e Segni, Édizioni Amrita (Italy), 2010

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