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Olaf Gerlach Hansen

Steenstrups Alle 9, 3th
1924 Frederiksberg C


Director, Danish Center for Culture and Development
Internet Presence

About Olaf Gerlach Hansen

MA in Danish Philology and Linguistic Psychology and post graduate studies in Psychology of Dreams. Interest in Dreams as Text, Dreams in the extra-ordinary (e.g. literature), the ill and the normal. Also in Dreams in developing countries and traditional and poor communities. Since 1998 I have been Director General of the Danish Center for Culture and Development, which supports the integration of the cultural dimension in international development cooperation programs. These programs run bilaterally between Denmark and countries in Africa, Latinamerica and Asia, and multilaterally e.g. via United Nations agencies.

What captures me by IASD is its
- international and interdisciplinary nature
- integration of natural, social & human science,
- integration of religious, therapeutic & artistic approaches to dreams
IASD is a postmodern, post colonial, laboratory creating and communicating new models for understanding dreams and the mind. IASD does this through contributions from experts around the whole world, and thereby also contributing to creating a global-universal understanding.
I hope ASD will be further international in the coming years, and I invite more Africans, Asians, Europeans, Latin Americans and North Americans to join us.

My notes on the IASD
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