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Pamela Muller

United States

Dream Worker, Teacher
Internet Presence

Website: www.wisdomofdreams.com

About Pamela Muller

I have been interpreting dreams for over three years professionally, and for many more years as a pasttime. I have taught classes on dream interpretation, and currently I host a dream study group in Atlanta, and run a dream interpretation website.

I fell in love with dream interpretation when I was in a difficult transition phase in my life.

Dreams were how I learned to trust myself. At night, as I slept, a world opened up for me where anything was possible. I could look up the symbolism and the metaphors and see my world from an elevated view. I learned the lessons I needed to learn from my dreams, not by facing myself in real life, but by facing my dream-self, my dream-life. Dreams allowed me to self-reflect through the soft light of the moon. I could find purpose in my dreams where life seemed to have no rhyme or reason. And, one at a time, my dreams started bringing me these life lessons wrapped in pretty dream bows.

I learned that my inner wisdom, is in my dreams. Dreams are more powerful and hold more honesty than people know. And, so I began to share what I was learning with others. At first, it was with family and friends, but soon it wasn’t enough. I read everything I could get my hands on about dreaming; and I began my career as a dream worker.

Favorite book: Man and His Symbols (Carl G. Jung)

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