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Pamela Woodman

C/O Tabor College
400 South Jefferson
Hillsboro, Kansas 67063

United States

Dept. of Psychology faculty
Internet Presence

About Pamela Woodman

Pamela Woodman M.A., Ph.D candidate. She completed an undergraduate thesis on the topic of the interaction between spirituality and dreams as a function of culture. A brief review of this article can be found at www.spiritwatch.ca/spiritua.htm. Her Master's thesis focused on the etiology and treatment of dreams from differing perspectives. She continues her studies in cross-cultural psychology while emphasizing the influence of spirituality and dreams on the therapy process. Furthermore, she teaches undergraduate classes in Sleep and Dreams, incorporating various cultural and religious traditions. As both a psychotherapist and professor, she has been able to integrate her knowledge of this area of study in a variety of ways.

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