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Patricia Kampmeier, M.Ed., M.Ed., MFT

3644 Kerner Blvd
San Rafael, CA 94901-4427

United States

Retired teacher, psychotherapist, & singer/actor
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About Patricia Kampmeier, M.Ed., M.Ed., MFT

One of my favorite dream books is by Karen Signall.

I joined ASD in their third year and have probably attended 20 or more annual conferences. At that time I was leading a variety of dream workshops and events in a variety of settings, and teaching a 6 credit Dreams and Altered States of Consciousness college course, as well as working with clients and their dreams, and, of course, with my own dreams. I had been keeping a dream journal since 1969.

Through the years I developed an interest in Jungian thought and work and have had an interest in spiritual/mystic phenomena and the paranormal since I was a teenager. I have read a great deal in these areas throughout my life.

My notes on the IASD

Joining ASD was part of my professional interests and skills. I was eager to continue learning, and sharing with others who were passionate about dreamwork.

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