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Paula Justice

Professor of Counseling and Communication
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About Paula Justice

I am a professor of Counseling and Communication; a part time Transpersonal counselor and hypnotherapist; a Quaker; a member and presenter for the ARE (the Edgar Cayce organization); a poet and an amateur painter.

I found a flyer for the ASD annual conference at an ARE conference. The eclectic quality of the annual ASD conference, which presents scholarly research, clinical work and spiritual and mystical traditions of dream work, all blended in the presentations attracted me to the ASD conference. The small, intimate quality of ASD, and a focus on year long communication among members through a variety of media channels attracted me as well.

My favorite dream ever happened in 1972. I was visited by a Zorro-like rider who danced with his horse in front of a huge, pale moon and brought me a mystical message about my own intuitive gifts.

Favorite dream book ever? Several books turned my thinking around about dreams at different times in my life. Ann Faraday's Dream Power; Bosnak's, A Little Book of Dreams; Mahoney's, The Meaning in Dreams and Dreaming, to name a few. I find experiential work helps more, however.

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