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Dr. Peter Andrew O'Connor

119 Brackenbury St.,
Victoria 3113

Australia 3122


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About Dr. Peter Andrew O'Connor

I have been working professionally with dreams ,both in individual therapy and in dream groups , for over 25 years and have never ceased to be respectful of their capacity to generate insights and enhance consciousness.As part of my professional practice I conduct several weekly dream analysis groups which consist of 7-8 members and meet for an hour and a half. These are longstanding groups with very little change in membership. One ,is an all male group which has been meeting weekly for 16 years with a minimum change of membership over that time .This group is the subject of my current reaearch into patterns of men's dreaming ,plus the evolution of the process of a dream group overtime as reflected in the content of dreams presented .I am also the author of two books on dreams and one related to dreams and myths (see below for details ) .For sometime I conducted a regular dream session on radio and have given occasional presentations on dreams , but mostly restrict myself to my clinical work with dreams and writing. .

My notes on the IASD
 List of dream-related publications and/or web sites where my work is featured.

Peter O'Connor. Dreams and the Search for Meaning 1986/1995 Mandarin
Australia and Paulist Press U.S.A.
Peter O'Connor The Inner Man :Men,Myths and Dreams 1991. Macmillan
Peter O'Connor Beyond the Mist: What Irish Mythology Can Teach us
about Ourselves.Gollancz London

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