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Ralf Penderak

Heckkaten 5
23619 Badendorf


Internet Presence

Website: http://ralf-penderak.net

About Ralf Penderak

Ralf Penderak works as a nurse in a university hospital in northern Germany. He has worked with his own dreams for over 20 years, starting with Jungian approaches and then discovering lucid and psi dreams.

He is an (I)ASD member since PsiberDreaming Conference 2002, which was a great personal breakthrough in psi -dreaming for him.

He is a resident of Jean Campbell's World Dreams Peace Bridge, where dreamers join forces for creating a universe in which peace reigns.

Also an active member of Maria C. Cernuto's Psidreamers group, practicing psi dreaming in a format akin to the IASD Psiberdreaming conferences.

His focus is on lucid and mutual dreaming, psi dreaming generally, and its relation to waking physical reality.

My notes on the IASD

Most important for IASD I see it provides community for dreamers all over the world. From this community emerges a dreaming culture which I feel essential for a really great life personally as well as globally. Dreams is what our life is made of.

 List of dream-related publications and/or web sites where my work is featured.

Presented at the 2008 Psiberdreaming Conference
"Da-Fu Mu and Evolution - a quantitative approach"
On group dreaming and evolution.

Presented at the 2004 IASD conference in Copenhagen
Long Term Journaling Panel:
"How Wake-Induced Lucid Dreams Help Dealing With My Fear of Death"

Dreaming Around The World:
"Healing Practitioners In Germany And Their Dreamwork"

On my website you find some of my dreams and pictured stories of IASD Copenhagen conference, a Maui Dreamcamp with Stephen LaBerge and more

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