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Regan Tate

109 Pine Little Hocking Ohio 45742

United States

Social Worker
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About Regan Tate

Hello, I am a graduate student in Social Worker at Ohio University. I also work at TCMHCS in Belpre Ohio. I am interested in dreamwork with clients and using dreams in waking life with all ages. I would like to do more research in the area of dreams and using dreams in the practice setting. My favorite fiction book of all time is What Dreams May Come by Richard Matheson. I like Clara Hill's book on dream work in practice because I believe its very accessible for therapist. I love dream interpretation books for personal use but like the idea of individuals creating their own. I have written one lit review for Ohio University on using dreams in practice with children in a therapy setting. I would like to continue to broaden my knowledge on dream research.

My notes on the IASD

I joined to gain more research on dreams while in my graduate program in social work at Ohio University. I feel its most important for the agency to continue to spread awareness of the need to recognize our dreams and the impact they can have on our waking lives. If we spend a third of our lives asleep than that is another area of human behavior and development that need exploration.

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