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Robyn Murfin-Roberts

P.O.Box 150397
Altamonte Springs, FL 32715-0397

United States

Dream Analyst, Educator, Radio Show Host/DJ, Lecturer and Writer
Internet Presence

Website: www.robynmurfin-roberts.com

About Robyn Murfin-Roberts

I have authored a brief guidebook to help readers comprehend the meaning of their dreams and to show how dreams directly apply to our waking lives. The book is based on an easily followed seven-step procedure and offers optional workbook exercises. Dreams Uncovered: A Workbook and Guide to Understanding Your Dreams takes the reader from how to better remember dreams through how to uncover symbolic meaning in the dream story to how to effectively utilize analyzed dreams to improve ourselves and our lives.

Dreams have intrigued me for almost five decades. I have intensely researched, studied and practiced dream interpretation for nearly 40 years. After receiving a bachelor's degree in social psychology, I have taught psychology, sociology, life management skills and relationship courses in a community college program for many years. A dream analysis project has been incorporated into all my Psychology I classes. In my local community, I continue to lead dream workshops, give lectures on the subject and do individual consultations. I also have a weekly radio show called "Let's Talk Dreams with Mama Murf" on WPRK 91.5FM in Winter Park, Florida (www.wprkfm.com). My social psych career has included employment as an activity therapist in psychiatric care and other treatment facilities, as well as work with senior citizens, eating disorder patients and dependent and troubled young people.

However, it was my continued interest and participation in the world of dream analysis that led to the technique that became the foundation for Dreams Uncovered. I wrote the book because I wanted to help readers answer the simple/complicated question, "What does my dream mean?" I have found that, although much dream data exists today, many dreamers remain confused about the answer to that question.

The interpretation process explained in my book has helped most of my dream students discover the meaning of their dreams. My hope is that the guidebook will do the same for my readers now and far into the future. When we seek to understand our dreams and use them to improve and evolve, we can find personal solutions to life's difficulties and challenges. I believe that we can also discover principles and purposes that allow us to be better people in our personal lives, concerned and caring residents of our planet and passionate souls searching spiritually while we attend "Earth school".

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Dreams Uncovered: A Workbook and Guide to Understanding Your Dreams


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