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Ron Masa, Ph.D.

3860 19th Street
Boulder, CO 80304

United States

Internet Presence

Website: www.universityofyourself.com

About Ron Masa, Ph.D.

Ron Masa Ph.D. earned doctorates in Psychology and Social Work from the University of Michigan in 1981:

"Ive been in the helping professions--and teaching-- for over 30 years. . I have directed treatment programs for delinquents, worked with alcoholics, troubled families, psychiatric patients, and that truly disturbed population: academics! I taught graduate courses at UCLA and Michigan, designed, led and evaluated treatment programs, wrote a column on dreams called "The Dream Workshop" and taught endless classes from 'Jungian psychotherapy' and 'group dynamics' to 'psychic development.' My private practice in Boulder, Colorado is devoted to DreamWork, the I Ching, mystic poetry, and Dr. Rons Growth Club."

I lead weekly dream groups in Boulder and I also lead weekly dream groups by telephone--so that anyone with a phone now has access to expert-led, cutting edge dream groups. The TeleDream Group is a drop-in dream group that anyone can attend by telephone. The process and approach are described on my website: www.UniversityofYourself.com.

My approach to dreams is called "Exploratory Dreamwork." Exploratory Dreamwork invites both dreamer and dream group members to remain in a receptive, inquiring mode while exploring each dream symbol until multiple layers of felt-truth emerge from within all participants. Exploratory Dreamwork includes an intellectual search-- for which working from a written copy of the dream is very helpful. We also develop an intuitive connection between the ego and the soul (or conscious and unconscious). This live connection between the two worlds we inhabit begins to reveal layer after layer of directly felt insights--if, and only if, we stay with the images long enough. So we study, ask questions, play with words and images, research concepts and etymologies, interpret the typos and puns and sentence breaks, and actively wonder about each symbol in a receptive, curious manner until we hear the voice of the soul--until we experience with clarity the direct perception of our own insights and truth. If you don't have chills and insights and synchronicities while feeling that you are talking with the source of your being, you have not yet awakened the dream.

I joined ASD at the encouragement of Jeremy Taylor who said this is where the serious students of the dream are to be found. I welcome dialogue, hope to make new friends within the dream community, and wish to cooperate in awakening our (hyper-rational and concretist) modern culture to the wisdom in dreams.

Favorite Dream Books: I have to start with Dreamwork by Jeremy Taylor. Finding Jeremy's book, long ago, was an inspiration, guide and validation of the obscure specialty i was then pursuing as a 'dream group leader.' The Way of the Dream is a terrific contribution by the wonderfully-wise Marie-Louise von Franz. And Jung's classic memoirs are hard to beat: Memories, Dreams, Reflections. I also love Van De Castle's Our Dreaming Mind for both breadth and depth and Robert Moss's addition of inspiring shamanic dream wisdom to the popular discussion.

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