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Rosemary Gosselin


Jungian-oriented psychoanalyst
Internet Presence

Website: www.dreamsunveiled.com

About Rosemary Gosselin

A Jungian-oriented psychoanalyst, Rosemary was beckoned to the shores of Lake Huron by a series of dreams. She left her private practice in Manhattan and came to Thornbury in 2001 where she now works with individuals and groups. She also facilitates workshops and retreats in North America and in Costa Rica.
A former journalist in Ottawa, Toronto, and New York, she earned her Master’s degree in social work at Fordham University New York in 1987, and did post graduate training in Jungian studies at the Westchester Institute. Rosemary went on to teach clinical social work in the graduate school at Fordham.
Over the years, Rosemary has worked with thousands of dreams - her own and others`- and been mentored by renowned Jungians Donald Kalsched and Marion Woodman. Her way of working includes movement and the arts to help men and women integrate their dreams and expand their daily lives. She continues to be endlessly fascinated by the gifts dreams bring and by the ever evolving field of dreams.

My notes on the IASD

She and her Metaphors in Motion partner Andrée Ostiguy were honoured to demonstrate their special collaborative method of dream work at the annual IASD conference in 2008, held in Montreal. Their workshop, Metaphors in Motion: Weaving Dance, Dreams and Art, was developed after years of working together with groups, combining movement and the arts with dream work to help people create ways to expand their lives through relating to their dreams. She is an active member of the Toronto region IASD.

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