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Ruben Bailey, Visionary Dreamer

Washington, DC

United States

Network Engineer
Internet Presence

Website: http://www.pennyformythought.org

About Ruben Bailey, Visionary Dreamer

When I began journaling my dreams more than 13 yrs ago I had a series of precognitive dreams about a book I was reading. I was so amazed that my dreaming mind somehow knew beforehand what I was to read in the book the following day. This happened for 3 consecutive nights making it undeniable: I was receiving precognitive information. On the fourth night, I finished the book and had a dream where I am working in an elementary school servicing the lunch lines for the children. A cafeteria worker asks me to pick up the pennies that had fallen on the floor. On the ground are several dozen pennies. I pick them up one by one. When I come to the last penny I notice it is different: it is a very old wheat penny. The dream ended there.

That day I went to Boarders Books to purchase another book. Walking out of the book store I had a deja-vu. I looked around trying hard to figure out what in my present reality I had seen before. I then looked upon the ground and found that I was standing on a bunch of pennies. I knew from the dream the night before that I had agreed to pick them up. The details of the dream came rushing back. One by one I picked them up. I then remembered there was something unusual about the last penny I was to pick up. When I finally came to the last penny I looked at it carefully and sure enough to my surprise it was in fact a wheat penny. From then on I was sold on dreams. I still have that wheat penny.

Ironically every time I would have one of those magical “ah ha” moment from working a dream I would find a penny. The pennies became a signature and calling to write a book about the power of dreams to bring about a spiritual awakening. The universe has magically placed pennies on my path at precisely the right place and the right time to coincide with my dreams in synchronous fashion letting me know beyond a shadow of a doubt there is an unseen guiding force that is helping me remember who I am. If you align your life with this intelligence it has the power to bring about a more fulfilled life and to help you to create heaven on earth.

A year and a half ago I suffered a near-death experience. Following the near-death, I began having visitation dreams where I would be awoken by spirits. I would wake to find them hovering over my bed or standing beside me. They would then assist me to enter into a wakeful dream state where they would place images in my mind and take me on journeys to other dimensions, to revisit past lives and other worlds.

I believe I have achieved a state of cosmic consciousness or nirvana. The book, "In the Course of a Dream: Emanuel for Love" which I published in 2007 is about everything I have learned while on these journeys. The book is available through my website at Penny For My Thought and most online retailers.

My notes on the IASD

My educational background is:
Bachelor of Science Information Systems - Strayer University
Master of Science Information Systems - Strayer University

Doctor of Metaphysics - Candidate at the University of Metaphysical Sciences

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In the Course of a Dream: Emanuel for Love

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