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Ruth Lee

Bonita Springs, Florida, USA

Artist, Writer, Spiritual Counselor
Internet Presence

Website: www.RuthLee-Scribe.com

About Ruth Lee

Raised in a traditional German home with strong religious convictions (Lutheran) until life took a dramatic turn and there was nothing from that life that prepared me for the future. So I changed.
At the age of 40, I graduated Summa Cum Laude in Psychology from the University of Pittsburgh and was invited to their Ph.D. program at that time. Instead of accepting that invitation or the invitation also extended by the Sociology Dept. of Pitt, I followed my career path and got an MA in Industrial Relations at St. Francis University. My thesis was adopted by my employer and used in the downsizing of U.S.Steel Corporation's employee benefit program. The title of my Thesis was: "Cost Containment of Benefits in a Declining Industry"

Heard enough about my past? Well, it changed dramatically in 1991. I became the victim of corporate downsizing myself. I was cast adrift and unable to find employment at the high level I had attained in industry. After a year adrift I did something totally different. I became a mystic and pursued that path for years as my work expanded into writing and art and interpretation of dreams.
I interpret dreams in an altered state very quickly. I type rapidly exactly what I get intuitively and it usually runs several pages for each dream and is accepted almost always as exactly what the seeker is facing in life.
As I said, I was trained to live a traditional life, but over time my intellect let me advance into other work... interpretting dreams being just one of them.

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Novel~ Within The Veil:An Adventure in Time

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