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Sandra St John

Rua Josê Basilio da Gama, 143
JD Solemar
Praia Grande 11709-380


Retired - but writers never retire
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About Sandra St John

I have lived in 6 countries and travelled to 23. In the 70's, I lived in Geneva, Switzerland where I successfully launched the human potential movement; worked with John Whitmore; Alan Watts; Thomas Llambo Deputy Director General WHO; & World Council of Churches. I arranged part of Alan Watts' European tour and he lived in my home for 3 months. When I returned to the States, I worked for the Human Dimensions Institute until the founders retired, followed by employment in mental health services. I lived in the home of Andrea Puharich for 2 months - author Lyall Watson was also there among others. Upon retiring,I moved to Brazil where I live today.

Since 1974, I religeously recorded my dreams. Dream flashbacks point to a very specific dream important to review. But finding it in a chronological journal is impossible. Frustrated, I set out to resolve that problem. The result: The Dreaming Codex (in final editing) features an oneiric taxonomy based on 26 archetype dream themes and their respective full-color icons and as such provide a dynamic database platform so that any dream can be located almost instantly. This work passed IASD peer review and is endorsed by Dale E. Graff, IASD member.

My favorite dream features staring at a basketball sized atom floating in mid air that exploded blasting me with white light that then entered by eyes, flowed through my body, entered the earth through my feet curing my cancer.

My notes on the IASD

My first encounter with IASD started when I answered a call for papers for the 2002 conference. In light of the current and alarming racial prejudice prevalent in the US, group dream work holds immense promise in mitigating this issue because it provides a viable platform where predjudices melt and human compassion is born. I would like to see IASD take a strong lead in this direction.

 List of dream-related publications and/or web sites where my work is featured.

All in progress.

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