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Sanford Rosenberg Ph.D.

2084 Union Street
SF., Ca. 94123

United States

Clinician, consultant, media researcher, producer
Internet Presence

Website: www.mediaresearch.com

About Sanford Rosenberg Ph.D.

Research interests relationships between dreams, image, meaning, languge,culture,and media. Flim as dreams, dreams as films, public images and personal meanings. Myth, movies, metaphors, and the emotional roots of the media experience.

Founder and President of Media Research Associates, Inc. (mediaresearch.com), current work with films, television, the internet, interactive media projects, and e-businesses is designed to explore the interactivity and interpersonal communications capabilities of converging technologies for enhancing the experience of the user. He serves on the board of Saybrook Institute where he is also the Chair of the Academic Affairs committee, also board member MPL Communications, founder/partner of Front Street Productions, producing high quality Independent films, including "We Don't Live Here Anymore."

Sandy received his M.A. from the New School for Social Research in New York, and earned his Doctorate in clinical / social psychology at Saybrook Institute in San Francisco.Research interest, Media Psychology, particularly Media, Dreams, Personal Mythology, and the Unconscious.

Currently working with Dr.Stanley Krippner to turn his book, "Varieties of Anamolous Experince" into a TV series.

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blog at www.mediaresearch.com

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