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Sarah Shay

Dreamer, Counselor, Musician
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About Sarah Shay

Sarah received a Bachelor of Arts (1999) and a Master of Arts(2001) in Music Theory and Composition from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. She then had her "quarter-life crisis," as she puts it, and decided to move to California to pursue something much closer to her heart, dreams. She received her Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology--focus on Transpersonal Psychology (2005) and her Certificate in Dream Studies(2005) from John F. Kennedy University in Pleasant Hill, CA. She has kept her interest in music theory and composition close at hand, arranging, composing, and performing as a professional organist/pianist. Recently Sarah has moved to Portland, OR, and plans to develop/participate in a dreaming community/dream groups, as well as continue to do work in the counseling field.

Sarah has many interests within the field of dreams, including the similarities of dreaming to the altered state of consciousness in Alzheimer's Disease; mutual dreaming; dreaming as a spiritual practice; lucid dreaming; shamanic uses of dreaming; creativity and dreaming...and the list goes on. It's her passion! She is currently experiencing series of dreams with very spiritual messages for others (and herself!), and is spending alot of time with this phenomenal experience.

Favorite dream, ever?
I had a series of dreams before moving to CA, about talking to Jung, who I didn't really know too much about at that time. I was his assistant, and we went around taking pictures of things and cataloguing them in his leather red-book (which, again, I had no idea about). We happened upon many significant finds, and one of those was the baby Christ-Child, who was mummified and still robed in his royal garb. We had a tough time making sure that (and other precious treasure) wasn't tampered with, and towards the end of the series of dreams, he led me to a set of opposing mirrors, and I was to enter the tunnel, which was the dream world mirrored to the waking world. It was the end of that series of dreams, and he said he considered me a friend. Those series of dreams helped me to decide to move to California and pursue my passion of studying and living my dreams.

Favorite dream book ever? (fiction or nonfiction) and why? I am an avid book lover, so I have many favorites. I'm currently dabbling in the realm of philosophy and spirituality.

My notes on the IASD

How did you happen to join IASD?
I joined a few years ago when I discovered there was such an organization...as a student at JFKU's Dream Studies Program. I wasn't aware of a large community of like-minded dreamers until I moved to California, and I now realize what a world-wide community it is!

What do you see as most important about the organization? Advocation, education, and networking with others who take the study of dreams as serious and life-enhancing. I believe the intentions of all the members helps to bring awareness of all that dreams can do in-and-for the world.

 List of dream-related publications and/or web sites where my work is featured.

None yet, but I did my MA Counseling Thesis on: "The Alzheimer's Dream," which explored the similarities between the states of consciouness with dreaming and with dementia (both mundane and spiritual dreaming, shamanic purposes, etc).

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