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School of Metaphysics

163 Moon Valley Rd., Windyville, MO 65783

United States

501(c)(3) educational organization
Internet Presence

Website: www.som.org, www.dreamschool.org

About School of Metaphysics

The School of Metaphysics is a 501(c)(3) organization with 15 branches in 9 Midwestern States. "Meta" means "beyond," and "physics" means the laws of nature or the physical existence. Metaphysics is the study of Universal Law or the laws of the mind. A 4-tiered course of study teaches how to develop consciousness through cultivating essential life skills: self respect, undivided attention, concentration, memory, listening, imagination, reasoning, intuition, breath, and entrainment.

Students practice daily spiritual disciplines such as meditation, visualization, breath control, still-mind practices, kundalini healing, chakra awareness, and exploring the Akashic Records. Learning how to remember and interpret dreams in the Universal Language of Mind is an integral part of the study. This Universal Language is also applied to understanding Holy Works as a means of spiritual development. Dream studies in lucid dreaming, mutual dreaming, astral projection, and other inner level experiences are part of the advanced studies.

The school offers intuitive reports such as past life and family past life profiles, intuitive health analyses, and intuitive business mission analyses. Spiritual Focus weekends on topics such as kundalini energy, understanding the creative mind, dharma (the soul's purpose), divine friendship, and permanent healing take place on the College of Metaphysics campus.

An online course for becoming a "dreamologist" (a word coined by Paul Harvey in a radio broadcast announcing the school's annual National Dream Hotline®) is available at www.dreamschool.org. The school has three additional online campuses: www.som.org, www.peacedome.org, www.healingwall.org.

Contact person: Laurel Clark, President

My notes on the IASD

The School of Metaphysics became an affiliate member in 2008 in order to network with other people and organizations who are invested in dreamwork. The IASD is a remarkable blend of people and groups with a wide variety of interest and expertise, which is very much in alignment with the School of Metaphysics' interest in expanding consciousness, interfaith understanding, and global peace.

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The Moon's Effect on Dreams edited by Christine Madar

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