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Shannon M Fletcher

Boulder, Colorado

United States

Student/Graduate Assistant
Internet Presence
About Shannon M Fletcher

I had a dream that changed the course of my life...it is too long to describe. I really have many favorite dreams, the dreams that produce insights in waking life are my favorite and I think it goes without say, the most beneficial! Wow - it is hard to pick a book. I think Jeremy Taylor's Where people Fly and Water Runs Uphill was one of the first I read and I was blown away....I was just getting into dreams (and psychology)at that time and I had a lot to learn!

My notes on the IASD

I went to a Regional Conference in Minnesota and was absolutely taken by it and then decided to join IASD. I then met the regional contact in my area, and participated in monthly dream salons and ventured to the 2007 conference in Sonoma. I am now the regional contact person for Colorado. I hope to be more involved with IASD as time goes on.
I think the most important factor for IASD is to get the word out that dreaming is important and offers a doorway into areas that many people do not know about and who have never given a second thought that dreams may serve a purpose. Get the word out! I am doing my best to help in that area. I try to ask friends about their dreams as well as express my interest to others. I am now a graduate student majoring in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology at Naropa University in Boulder and feel this will be a great avenue to help explore dreams more as well as get the world out about dreaming.

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