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Sheryl Westergreen

4721 47th Avenue NE
Seattle, WA 98105

Psychotherapist and Life Coach/Artist
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About Sheryl Westergreen

VISIONACT: Life Coaching and Psychotherapy designed to accelerate achievment and create satisfaction in work and personal life. VISIONACT is intense, fun, practical, and utilizes dreamwork, creative exercises, writing process and meditation techniques to assist clients achieve their goals.

I am a licensed psychotherapist who has been in private practice since 1982. I am also an artist, and love exploring the creative process.

Joined ASD: I have always been interested in dreaming and find that doing dreamwork with clients is satisfying for me as a professional as well as being very useful to clients in their personal explorations. ASD provides the perfect venue for professional growth and education. I feel ASD's importance is that it provides professional and lay education on dreaming and its practical uses for serving humanity.

Favorite dream: In my dream I am sleeping, and I wake to find myself in "my new home". It is a stunning white stucco structure on golden sand overlooking a deep blue sea. Every room has an incredible view, beautifully furnished. There is an oval bathtub, I climb in it to soak and relax. A young man comes in and tells me that this is where I belong, that all is well, and that my creativity is the most important thing.

Favorite book: Seminar on Dream Analysis by C.G. Jung
Dreams by C.G. Jung Collaborative Psychoanalysis by Walter Bonime Living Your Dreams by Gayle Delaney

Favorite References in work with clients.

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My website is http://www.visionact.biz

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