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Suzanne Carter, Ph.D.

Groton, MA

United States

Senior Analyst
Internet Presence

Website: dreamcurrent.com

About Suzanne Carter, Ph.D.

The dream that I love most and which was pretty pivotal in my approach to dreams is as follows: I was in a penthouse apartment, windows to glorious midnight blue starry skies, and the landlady of the building, who could not enter without my invitation, came up to where I was and started rustling around in my cupboards to make batter for pancakes.

Through working this dream, I experienced a deep and wide connection with my (deceased) grandmother, who, when I was little, used to make me pancakes, just because.

I'm so grateful I invited her in. Now she can come and go as she pleases...

My notes on the IASD

IASD is the source of all kinds of great information about dreams and dreaming - including Dream Time, the APA publication, Dreaming, and a useful library of past conference recordings. It was recommended to me by my dream mentor, Linda Yael Schiller.

 List of dream-related publications and/or web sites where my work is featured.

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