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Suzanne Wiltink


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About Suzanne Wiltink

I first came in contact with the IASD on the conference in Copenhagen in 2004, with great enthusiasm! I'm an active dreamer and lucid dreamer since 1999, and my dreams are the biggest source of inspiration to me.

I obtained my MSc in (clinical) psychology, investigated the relation between symptom reduction and remoralization in the treatment of patients with anxiety disorders, and examined certain psychometric properties of a revised questionnaire on illness perceptions.

Other fields of interest are shamanism (soul hunt, shamanic journeys), OOBE's, traumatic experiences and healing, hypnosis, dissociation, trance, channeling, Christian and Egyptian mysticism, ancient civilizations, philosophy of religion, fairy tales, myths, ESP, and things that have to do with the army/(armed) conflict/strategies, intergroup relations, politics, morality and ethics.

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