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Sven Doehner, PhD., MFA.

Psychotherapist and Workshop Leader.
Internet Presence

Website: www.psicologiaprofunda.com

About Sven Doehner, PhD., MFA.

Sven Doehner, PhD., MFA, from Mexico City, is the Director of the "Asociación en México para Estudios en Psicología Profunda, A.C.". In addition to his masters degree from The School of the Art Institute of Chigago, Sven worked with James Hillman (1978-87), studied at the Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture (1981-85), worked with Robert Bosnak and trained at the C.G. Jung Institute - Boston (1985-91). Since 1984, he has worked with traditional healers in the Yucatan Peninsula and Oaxaca, Mexico. Since 1981, Sven has participated in and guided dream groups in Brazil, Denmark, France, Greece, Lithuania, Mexico, Peru, the Soviet Union, the United States and Uruguay.

Contact Information:

Sven Doehner, PhD., MFA.

Email: sven@psicologiaprofunda.com

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Dream Network, vol. 22, no. 4.

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