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Tallulah R. Lyons, M.Ed.

3082 Old Cabin Lane
Smyrna, GA 30080

United States

dream work and guided imagery facilitator
Internet Presence

Website: www.healingpowerofdreams.com

About Tallulah R. Lyons, M.Ed.

Tallulah Lyons is certified as a dreamwork specialist through the Haden Institute. She joined IASD to be a part of a vital community of passionate dreamers. With Wendy Pannier, she is co-creator and developer of the IASD Cancer Project. Through grants to IASD, Tallulah and Wendy have developed materials and formats to bring dream work into cancer support communities across the country and around the world.

Tallulah facilitates weekly dreamwork with cancer patients. She has presented papers on dream work with cancer patients at annual IASD conferences since 2000. Through the IASD project, she continues research on using dream imagery for healing guided imagery exercises with cancer patients.

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Tallulah is a passionate advocate for dreamwork as a spiritual path. She is author of "Dream Prayers: Dreamwork as a Spiritual Path". Order by E-Mail from Tallulah Lyons (tallulah.lyons@gmail.com) or from Amazon.com

"Dream Prayers is a wonderful meditation on the power of dreams to heal, inspire, and to connect us more consciously with the Divine. Tallulah Lyons' work provides a wonderful model of innovative dreamwork carried into the realm of spiritual practice" Reverend Jeremy Taylor, D.Min., S.Th.D.(hon.)

Publications: January, 2002: article, Atlanta Jung Society Newsletter: "Cinderella Comes to the Ball: Group Dreamwork Animates Complementary Cancer Care". She can send a copy on request as an e-mail attachment.

Tallulah is author of Dreams and Guided Imagery: Gifts for Transforming Illness and Crisis 2012. It can be ordered from her website www.healingpowerofdreams.com

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