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Tjitske Wijngaard


Internet Presence

Website: http://www.droomcentrum.nl

About Tjitske Wijngaard

Dreams have been an important element in my life for the past 12 years or so. My first conference was the Leiden one and I've been to several afterwards.

Although my first interest was personal, dreams became such a passion that very soon the professional side came into it. I now give talks, classes and workshops on dreams and I conduct a dreamwork training program.

I’ve been chairing the board of the Dutch Dreaming Association, the VSD, for two years now. I was an editor of our Dutch dream magazine for several years. I have also contributed to the international pages of ASD and to Dream Time.

My latest dream projects are a professional project with a colleague on burnout and dreams, and a personal project of collecting dreams from (grand)parents in the period leading up to the birth of my first grandchild Emma.

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