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Tony Hawkins

47h Eton Avenue
London NW33EP

United Kingdom

Internet Presence

Website: www.blissss.com

About Tony Hawkins

My earliest memory, which is the dream of the Blue Beings, who lived in a shape that was always moving and changing like a dark flame.

So starts The Gem, my autobiography of dreaming.

My fav book? Currently I am working my way through various self development books I was too sniffy to look at in the past, such as Eden and Feinstein, The Energies of Love.

In addition to The Gem I have published various dream-based novels which may be found very reasonably priced at:


I really like what Ralf Penderak said about me in a chat room when I was attacked for being a non-psi believer. It came out rather poetically over a number of lines.

Tony is one of those I know most open to the unexpected. His whole life as he says in his works like “The Gem” can be seen as a gigantic humorous synchronicity. So for me Tony can never be a psi skeptic only, he is a skeptic of talking in absolutes, in black and white. Tony is a poet, so his approach to reality is different from mine, not always though. He is a creator of stories and his life seems to be like a story which has created him.

My notes on the IASD

I asked my computer and Kate Adams answered.

Be open to everybody.

 List of dream-related publications and/or web sites where my work is featured.



Not all is obviously dream related but dreams have played a major part in everything I've written

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