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Trisha Smith, MSCP

United States

Mental Health Therapist
Internet Presence

About Trisha Smith, MSCP

I work in the field of mental health with a background in child/adolescent therapy, family therapy, group therapy and residential treatment. I have a strong pull in the direction of schizophrenia, psychosis, and other such disorders with an altered perspective of reality. I am currently working on research to incorporate lucid dreaming into trauma therapy and I am focusing heavily on nightmares relating to trauma and PTSD. I am also setting up for future research focusing on dreams and their relation to differnt mental health diagnoses.

My notes on the IASD

I attended an ASD conference and found it to be incredibly interesting. The presentations had me asking a lot of questions and I was able to make connections with a local dream group. When I told them about my plans to do research in the area of dreams the other members encouraged me to join ASD.
I think that the most important thing for this organization is to encourage more research so that dreamwork becomes more mainstream and the general public, as well as professionals, can see what an important part dreams can play in our lives.

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