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Veronica Blumentals


Body-imagine and Dream coach
Internet Presence

Website: http:www.dreamver.se

About Veronica Blumentals

I am Veronica Blumentals, I majored in mathematics, at least that is what I studied at university many years ago. Nowadays, I study dreams.

I have done so for the past 20 years, I look for symbols and study how they evolve, how they connect with other symbols, how they cluster around different meanings and shape the stories of my life and the lives of others.

I pursue how dream symbolism changes and how dreams weave long-term patterns that are intimately linked to waking life. This has become a form of art, one I can practice, that gives meaning and depth to my life. See my work at INNERwork

This form of art sprang from the seriousness I place on dreams. For me dreams are the means that allow me to understand my body and my life, centered in a sense of who I am. I enter in dialogue with them and, I give to dreams, to the best of my possibilities, a way to become actualized in my life.

Dreams awaken my curiosity towards new interests – interests I would not have found by myself. Dreams lead me to do things which would not occur to me otherwise, with energy and commitment. This has given me a sense of purpose, but more than that, the study of dreams has been, and is, an adventure, a journey, one that makes me feel alive and creative.

My work is always fruitful in some way, and should also be the same for anyone seriously engaging in dreamwork. It is my deepest personal interest to expand this knowledge and help the members of Dreamverse whenever they need to learn more of what they can obtain from working with their dreams.

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