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Veronica Whitty

75, Stratford Road

United Kingdom

Writer and Teacher
Internet Presence

Website: http://www.veronicawhitty.co.uk

About Veronica Whitty

I was born in London and went to South India for two years at the age of 18 as a volunteer with VSO,the equivalent of the Peace Corps. On my return to the UK I worked as a journalist and then returned overland to India in the days when you could travel through Iran and Afghanistan. That trip is recorded in my autobiography (see my website for details).

Writing and teaching have been the main activities in my life and travelling.

Now that I am settled in Newcastle friends come and see me and usually return. Northumberland boasts Hadrian`s Wall and is full of castles. It has a beautiful coastline. Harry Potter was filmed close by.

My notes on the IASD

I joined IASD in 1998 and attended the conference in Santa Cruz in 1999 and the European Conference in Copenhagen.I also attended Marion Woodman`s Cambridge weekend. I admire her work and that of Robert.A.Johnson.

The two periodicals produced by the IASD are very helpful and the people who attend IASD conferences are generous with their time and passing on their experiences.

My interest in working on dreams began during a year in San Francisco in 1996 where I met a number of people who showed me a variety of ways to work on dreams. I trained in group dream work with a Mercy nun ,Sr Marguerite Buchanan and read widely on dreamwork. I also did a dreams retreat with the Dominican nuns at their beautifully appointed summer house in Santa Cruz.

When I returned to the UK I came to live here in Newcastle and was invited to work with women on the housing estates in the North East.

The women in the support groups in Stanley,Seaham and Peterlee had to deal with a variety of problems,usually family-related and a result of living on estates with poor facilities.
They built up their self-esteem through dreamwork. As a result I was given an award as a "Community Champion" and a grant to continue this work.

My work has expanded to include individuals, school-girls,retired people and many more. I returned to California in 1999 and did some more training,this time with Jeremy Taylor: the author of several books on dream group work.

I now work via the telephone as well as individual work and a monthly dream group.I work throughout the UK and elsewhere on request.

I shall be running an intensive dreams weekend in Surrey in June, 2009. For full details please see my website.

My main occupations are running Enneagram courses and dreamwork. Sometimes they are combined as your enneagram style will show up in your dreams.

 List of dream-related publications and/or web sites where my work is featured.

Dreamgroup work with women support Groups in NE England.

Article in The Tablet on "Dreams and Spirituality".

"Enjoying the Journey", an autobiography;features my dream work over the past eleven years.

Other work:

"Francis Thompson", National Catholic Reporter, USA

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