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Wendy Pannier

105 Taylor Lane
Kennett Square, PA 19348

United States

Dream worker / Educator / Writer
Internet Presence

Website: www.healingpowerofdreams.com

About Wendy Pannier

Precognitive and telepathic dreaming started about age 9 for me. While interested in dreaming in general, this area held particular fascination. Many of my precognitive and telepathic dreams dealt with health and safety issues—primarily those of family and friends, but occasionally of mere acquaintances. Some of these were striking, such as being inside a person’s body and seeing a tumor. My parents’ reaction was accepting, but with the caveat that it might be best not to share these dreams with anyone else…

When I discovered Dream Telepathy by Montague Ullman and Stanley Krippner I knew I was not alone! I began studying with Monte in the early 1980s and put out a quarterly newsletter, Dream Appreciation, with him from 1996 through 2002. I am deeply grateful to him as a mentor and friend.

In early 1995 I was diagnosed with a late stage cancer. In retrospect I realized that my dreams had tried to warn me for 18 months before the diagnosis. I used dream work in my own healing process and have shared the healing power of dreams with others facing cancer ever since. At an IASD conference I met Tallulah Lyons who was doing similar work and we have collaborated ever since. Through IASD we have received and administered two grants from the Lloyd Symington Foundation and two from the H. M. Bitner Charitable Trust which have allowed us to formalize and expand our work—and to involve other IASD members in it. Beginning in fall, 2006, we will co-host the IASD Dreams and Healing E-Study Group.

I have been honored to serve IASD first as Secretary, then for three terms as Board Chair, and in 2005-2006 as President. I am excited about the new ways that IASD is expanding its outreach to dreamers around the world and look forward to contributing to those efforts for many years to come.

My notes on the IASD
 List of dream-related publications and/or web sites where my work is featured.

Dream Work with Cancer Patients: An IASD Grant Project. Presentation and in the Abstracts of the 2005 Association for the Study of Dreams (ASD) conference held in Berkeley, CA.

Transforming the Cancer Experience through Group Dream Work and the Use of Dream Imagery. Presentation and in the Abstracts of the 2004 Association for the Study of Dreams (ASD) conference held in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Archived issues of Dream Appreciation are available at siivola.org/monte

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