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Winnie Gravendaal Piccolo M.A. MFT

825 College Ave
Santa Rosa
California, 95405

United States

Internet Presence

Website: www.winniepiccolo.com; www.dreamsknow.com

About Winnie Gravendaal Piccolo M.A. MFT

My background is Dutch-Indonesian. I was born in 1947 in Indonesia, on the small island of Bangka, lived from age 2-15 in Holland, then emigrated with family to California. I have had a pychotherapy practice in Santa Rosa since 1985. Dreamwork has been a part of my life since I read Freud's Interpretation of Dreams in grad school. My dream life was an immediate blessed opening into my inner life and into the life of the soul and has remained so. DREAM GROUPS have always been a part of my psychotherapy practice and dreams are an essential part of my own healing journey in therapy. My orientation is depth psychology with a strong Jungian predilection.

My library of books on dreams and depth psychology is large. I love to read Jung himself and am part of a Jung reading group in Santa Rosa. Three influential works in my life have been Michael Ortiz Hill's Dreaming the End of the World, Donald Kalsched's The Inner World of Trauma, and Lionel Corbett's The Religious Function of the Psyche. I also deeply appreciate the writings of Marion Woodman, Ann Ulanov, Nathan Schwartz-Salant, Robert Bosnak, and both Edinger and Hillman. My first dream work teacher in the 80's was Strephon Kaplan Williams. In the 90's I studied Dream-Tending with Stephen Aizenstadt.

My notes on the IASD

I have been a member of ASD off and on for years. I rejoined this year (2007) because I am presenting as part of a panel discussion at the summer conference at Sonoma State University. I learned about the association in the 80's from my first dream work teacher who was one of the founders. In the 90's when the conference was in Berkeley I was on the committee selecting the presenters. This time three friends and I submitted a proposal and it was accepted. Our title is: "Dreams and Soulmaking: Four Perspectives on the Religious Function of the Psyche." My part of the presentation will focus on dreams and trauma.

It has been exciting to return to ASD, which is now so firmly planted in the computer age. I enjoy getting the emails about dream happenings, which I can then share with the members of my dreamgroups. It feels good to be connected in this way with the larger dream community.

 List of dream-related publications and/or web sites where my work is featured.

My websites are currently under construction, but these are the links:
My dreamgroups are advertised in the Share Guide, a SF Bay area publication which once published an article I wrote called "The Intimate Knowledge of Dreams."

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