The Once and Future Dreamer

by Ed Kellogg, Ph.D.©2008
“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” (George Santayana (1863-1952)
Summary In this workshop we will discuss and explore “reincarnation dreams” of different types, focusing on four different kinds of reincarnation dreams: 1.Classic; 2. Ancestral; 3. Cosmic; and 4. Metaphorical. Participants can also fill out a “Cosmic Dreaming Questionnaire,” and try out a “Tuning into a Past Life” dream task.


Have we lived before, in different bodies and at different times? After our physical bodies die, will we live again, reborn into new bodies and new lives? Many major religions and cultures have accepted reincarnation, in one form as another, as a given. For a long time, this subject remained outside the domain of science, but that situation has recently changed through the accumulation of evidence that both indirectly, and directly, supports this hypothesis.

First, research in parapsychology has produced solid evidence that mind can transcend the space-time limitations of the physical body and senses. (See Dean Radin’s Conscious Universe for an in-depth discussion of this research, and its implications.) Because of a skeptical reception from many in the scientific community, as a rule these studies take place under the most stringent and rigorous scientific standards, far more so than research studies in just about any other discipline. In respect to dreams, a series of controlled scientific studies in the 1960’s at Maimonides Dream Laboratory demonstrated that subjects could repeatedly tune into randomly selected external targets through both dream telepathy and dream precognition. A meta-analysis of post-Maimonides studies of psi-dreaming by other researchers confirmed this effect.

In 1995 the CIA hired Dr. Jessica Utts, a professor of statistics at the University of California, Davis, to evaluate a series of remote viewing experiments done at the Stanford Research Institute. She concluded: "Using the standards applied to any other area of science, it is concluded that psychic functioning has been well established. The statistical results of the studies examined are far beyond what is expected by chance. Arguments that these results could be due to methodological flaws in the experiments are soundly refuted."

Although the evidence that mind can transcend the limitations of space-time does not directly support the idea of reincarnation, it does make the idea far more plausible. However, much more direct evidence exists, through well documented investigations of children who claim to remember previous lives. Over thirty years ago Dr. Ian Stevenson, a specialist in psychiatry who became a world-renowned scientific investigator of reported paranormal events, published Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation. Since then he and others continued to carefully and meticulously document cases of this kind - more than 2600 cases in all. They collected specific information from the children's accounts, and matched it with the data of their claimed former identity, family, residence, and manner of death. Aside from information matches, some of these children also had birthmarks or other physical markers, such as missing limbs, correlated to the condition of the body whose past life they claimed to remember. It seems important to note that a high percentage of these children, over 50%, remembered past lives that ended in violent death. Although Stevenson certainly would never make the claim that his research proved reincarnation, the evidence that he and others collected at the very least makes a compelling case for keeping an open mind.

He summarized his findings in less than 200 pages (but with enough in the way of details and photographs to give you an idea of the quality of his research) in a book titled Where Reincarnation and Biology Intersect, but also published a more complete and detailed report of his findings in a two volume monograph of well over 2,000 pages. After his death in 2007, The Journal of Scientific Exploration devoted an entire issue to Ian Stevenson's life and work. After reading through his monographs, and getting a better idea of the quality of his work, I think he deserved it.

Some Different Kinds of Reincarnation

Although the idea of reincarnation might at first seem simple, it actually can take on a multitude of forms. For the purpose of this workshop, we will limit ourselves to three different kinds of reincarnation: “Classic”; 2. Ancestral; and 3. Cosmic.

“Classic”: One’s essential being survives death of the physical body, spends some time in a non-physical state, then reincarnates in a new human body as an infant on Earth. Incarnation occurs in an orderly fashion in linear time, in sequence, to a “soul”, a single non-dividing unit of evolving essential being. Variations of this would include non-human rebirths, on Earth or elsewhere.


Ancestral: Based on the biological idea that we have lived before through our ancestors, and that we will live again in our descendants.  This type of ”scientific” reincarnation requires a continuity of consciousness, if only at an unconscious level, between ancestors and descendents, or the carrying over of information from one generation to another in some way – perhaps through information encoded in DNA or in some other aspect of our physical bodies at present unknown. If we live in 11 dimensions, as Superstring theory predicts, rather than the 3 + 1 dimensions usually assumed, this leaves a lot of room for information storage. And while scientists have a good idea as to the information 3+1 dimensional DNA encodes, the properties of 11 dimensional DNA, or of 11 dimensional bodies, seems unknown.

Cosmic: As I wrote earlier, parapsychology indicates that mind can transcend the space-time limitations of the physical body and senses.  Some models of consciousness posit that although humans have separate personalities, that at the deepest level we all share the same greater Self.

As a metaphor think of our waking selves as leaves upon a tree - although the leaves differ from one another, they all belong to the same Tree and share the same trunk and roots. In this model, telepathy would not involve transfer of information over a distance between separate minds, but of simply accessing information by going within to find what another part of the ‘Greater You’ already knows.  Many physicists, in attempting to explain psi, have proposed that psi operates in a non-local way, which means that the distance between perceiver and target, whether a foot, a mile, a light-year, or a trillion quadrillion light-years, literally makes no difference.  And even if we do not take into account those who have lived here before, Earth currently has a population of almost 7 billion people that we could potentially tune into. And if we don’t restrict ourselves to Earth, our galaxy alone may have half a million Gaia like planets (habitable planets where life emerges and a full biosphere develops) we might tune into.  And with well over 100 billion galaxies in the observable universe, that just seems the beginning . . .     

Different Kinds of Reincarnation Dreams

By their very nature, even dreams about our waking lives often present information in distorted and fragmentary forms.  The same will of course hold true for dreams of past lives as well. A vivid and emotionally compelling dream about a life in the Middle Ages, might incorporate anachronistic elements such as cell phones and automobiles, just as an incongruent elements often show up in a mundane dream about going to work in your office.  The appearance of such elements does not invalidate the possibility that you may have tuned into a past life, anymore than they invalidate the existence of a waking physical reality office.

Of course, not all reincarnation dreams will prove as evidential as others.  Even dreams rich in detail may remain unverifiable, in that historical documentation of specific details may prove hard to come by even today, when given the wealth of information available online, verification of details has become easier than ever before for the non-specialist.   Still, you might well uncover generic matches in respect to clothing worn, tools used, the style of buildings seen in your dreams that matches historical information of the period.  Matches to unexpected elements have greater evidential value than to expected elements.  If your dreams include the names of people and places this can also help, but unless they seem well documented, confirmation might well prove impossible.  However, even when evidential confirmation proves elusive, some reincarnation dreams have elements – the vividness and realness of the experience, the depth of emotions felt, etc. - that can make them personally compelling, and even unforgettable.

To the three types of reincarnation discussed above, Classic, Ancestral, and Cosmic let me add a fourth type, Metaphorical.   Dreams often carry messages for the dreamer, and while it does not seem impossible, dreams in which we see ourselves as famous historical figures – whether Cleopatra, Genghis Khan, Pocahontas, or Benjamin Franklin - seem unlikely to have factual basis as examples of “classic reincarnation”.  With almost seven billion people alive on the planet, and let’s say about ten thousand really famous past lives to choose from, a simple calculation makes the odds of having a match to one of these through chance alone pretty much akin to that of winning the lottery.  The same argument applies to a lesser degree for having a past life in which one lived as a member of the aristocracy, rather than as a serf or slave. Of course, if one has lived hundreds, or thousands, of lives, and developed at least a limited ability to choose ones next incarnation, the odds improve.

Metaphorical (reincarnation) dreams can highlight important information about the dreamer in a way that the present personality may more easily understand and accept.  If the dreamer believes in reincarnation, he or she may more easily accept the information as valid, of becoming empowered and allowing themselves to take on the attributes of a “positive past life”, or of taking responsibility for overcoming the attributes of a “negative past life”.  As such, reincarnation dreams may effectively convey information to the present personality in a way that minimizes guilt and maximizes empowerment.

Of course, reincarnation dreams can belong to more than one category - some might belong to three or even four.  It does not seem unreasonable to assume that an individual might choose a “classic” reincarnation in the same family – in fact, a number of the children interviewed in Ian Stevenson’s cases apparently did just that.   One might indeed have lived as one’s own ancestor. And even a clearly metaphorical dream might use cosmic dreaming as a means of tuning into an actual person’s life, rather than creating one from scratch.  And if we have lived as often as some people speculate, the dreaming mind might have a lot of “classic” past lives to choose from. The resonance factor alone would not only make the dream message more emotionally compelling, but might also include evidential details that would add considerably to its impact. 

How this workshop will work:

First, to get a feel for how your own dreaming style relates to potential reincarnation dreams, fill out this short questionnaire:

Cosmic Dreaming Questionnaire

How often do you have:

Observer Dreams? (like watching a movie)
Never__  Rarely__ Sometimes__ Mostly__ Always__

Embodied Dreams? (a participant, localized in a body)
Never__ Rarely__ Sometimes__ Mostly__ Always__

Dreams in a body closely matching your physical body?
Never__ Rarely__ Sometimes__ Mostly__ Always__

Dreams in a body different from your physical body?
Never__ Rarely__ Sometimes__ Mostly__ Always__

Different age?
Never__ Rarely__ Sometimes__ Mostly__ Always__

Different sex?
Never__ Rarely__ Sometimes__ Mostly__ Always__

Different race?
Never__ Rarely__ Sometimes__ Mostly__ Always__

Different species?
Never__ Rarely__ Sometimes__ Mostly__ Always__

Non-biological body - energy cloud, ball of light, etc.
Never__ Rarely__ Sometimes__ Mostly__ Always__


If you feel comfortable doing so, after you have filled out this questionnaire please post the result on the “Once and Future Dreamer” workshop thread.  Also on this thread, we will discuss in greater detail the four types of reincarnation dreams, as well as different methods for effectively incubating reincarnation dreams and working with them. If you have already had a reincarnation dream, and would like to share details, please post your dream reports and comments.  

For the first three days of the workshop, I request that participants to focus their reincarnational dreamwork efforts at night on the dream task described below.

Dream Task:  Tuning into a Past Life

Incubation Instructions: Before going to sleep, request that your dreams present information on a past life in which you will see or relive an event in which you learned an important lesson, relevant to your present life situation.  Use an affirmation and a visualization to make this request. (For example, “Tonight in my dreams I will clearly see / a past life of mine with a lesson for me”)  If you awaken during the night, repeat the affirmation, but use your last dream to set up a "hot off the press" visualization. (For example, see yourself in the dream you just had, but imagine that you find a doorway or gateway. Imagine walking through that gateway to another time, and another life . . . fade out.) When you write your dreams down, pay attention to unusual dreamscapes that show up, especially if they represent a historical time and place.   Record as completely as you can what you looked like, clothing worn by yourself or others, tools used, the style of buildings, etc.  As accurately as you can write down the names of people or places, and of unusual words.  Record your experiences and/or the information that you get in your dream journal in as much detail as possible - use illustrations to depict your experiences if appropriate.   Act on your dreams by seeing if you can find any evidential matches through an online search with respect to specific details, such as place names, etc. 

Lucid Dreamer's Variation:
When you next gain lucidity in a lucid dream (where you know that you dream while you dream) look for a doorway that you can use as a portal to the past.  Once you find one, stand in front of it, and set up the intention that when you walk through the doorway, you will walk back into a past life, where you will see an event in which you learned an important lesson, relevant to your present life situation.  I suggest that you chant an affirmation to help you focus your intent. (For example,“When I walk through this door I will clearly see / a past life event with a lesson for me.”) Then walk through the doorway . . .  Alternatively, instead of looking for a doorway, find a dream mirror (or any other reflective surface, like a pool of water, or a polished metal surface) and use it as a scrying tool to show you an event from a past life. Again, I suggest that you chant an affirmation to help you focus your intent. (For example, "Mirror, mirror that I see  / Show a past life event with a lesson for me!")  Record your experiences and/or the information that you get in your dream journal in as much detail as possible - use illustrations to depict your experiences if appropriate.   Act on your dreams, by seeing if you can find any evidential matches through an online search with respect to specific details, such as place names, etc.  Also, look for the appearance of possible past life selves in all of your dreams.   Often, after rehearsing lucid dreaming tasks before you go to sleep, relevant information will show up even in your “ordinary” dreams - even when you do not succeed in becoming fully lucid.

A Note on the Presenter’s "Reincarnation Dreams"
In my dream groups I've noticed that while many participants report that they usually dream of themselves in ways that closely match their waking physical reality experiences, that even these people occasionally report dreams in which they became someone else, or even something else, and experience the world from a very different perspective than in their waking lives. In my own case, I've experienced myself in dreams as many different beings - age, sex, race, and even species. Often not only does my dreambody differ from its waking physical reality counterpart, but so does my dream personality and memories. However, through all this, my essential sense of self somehow remains the same - "I" remain "me", my dreambody, personality and memories seem no more "me" than does the clothing I wear or the car that I drive. I’d estimate that in 80% of dreams my dream self differs significantly in some way from my waking physical reality self.

Although I believe that some “reincarnation dreams” present aspects of one’s present personality, for others this explanation proves inadequate. Instead I favor different interpretations, in that I experience while dreaming parallel selves, past lives, future lives, and even other dimensional lives, and that tuning into different locations and different beings throughout the Multiverse just seems a routine and normal activity for my dreaming Self. And after many years of such experiences, I've finally come up with an answer to the perennial "Why do we dream?" question that rings true for me. Dreams provide "food for the soul", reconnecting us to our greater Selves and allowing a therapeutic release from the constraints of a time-space bound existence that reminds us, if only unconsciously, of the illusion of separateness.

Supplementary Materials:

Additional Resources and References for Further Exploration
The Appendices present accounts of a few of the author’s own “reincarnation dreams”:
Appendix 1  “A Past Life Pavilion”
Appendix 2  “Meeting A Past Life Self From Long, Long, Ago”
Appendix 3  “My Most Recent Past Life? / Experiencing My Oversoul”
Appendix 4  “A Contract Negotiation For My Next Incarnation”

Additional Resources and References for Further Exploration

”A Field Guide to Skepticism” by Dean Radin. Chapter 14 from his book The Conscious Universe: The Scientific Truth of Psychic Phenomena

"Psi-Perception in Dreams: Next Stop - the Twilight Zone" by Ed Kellogg, Ph.D. Presented at IASD's Second PsiberDreaming Conference, September 21 - October 5, 2003.

“Psychopompic Dreaming: Visits With Those Who Have Passed On?” by Ed Kellogg, Ph.D. Presented at IASD's Third PsiberDreaming Conference, September 19 - October 3, 2004.

“Edgar Cayce and Reincarnation: Past Life Readings as Religious Symbology” by J. Gordon Melton.  A critical analysis of the Cayce readings that uncovered some unexpected anomalies.

Challenge 1: Tuning In to Your Optimal Self/Branching Parallel Universes (pdf) "Quarterly Lucid Dream Challenges" (published the September, 2004 issue of The Lucid Dream Exchange)

To access links to other papers and presentations of the author, check out his IASD member page at:  


Interesting Perspectives on Reincarnation and Reality

The Esoteric Teachings: A Christian Approach to Truth, and The Esoteric Practice: Christian Meditations and Exercises by Stylianos Atteshlis, known as Daskalos, "The Magus of Strovolos", in the Kyriakos Markides books), (1992, 1994). Highly recommended.

The Magus of Strovolos by Kyriakos Markides, Arkana Books, 1985. A fascinating description of the teachings and experiences of "Daskalos" (Dr. Stylianos Atteshlis), a renowned mystic and healer who died in 1995. His account of the afterlife has many similarities, and some differences, to that of Emanuel Swedenborg. See also
Homage to the Sun and Fire in the Heart by the same author.

Edgar Cayce’s Story of Karma by Mary Ann Woodward, Berkley Books, 1971, Cayce ranks as the most, if not the most, respected and influential proponent of “classic” reincarnation of the 20th century.  The book does a good job of covering his teachings, and includes a great deal of relevant material from the many past life readings that he gave to clients while in trance.

The Nature of Personal Reality (A Seth book), by Jane Roberts. Even with all of the channeled material now available, few measures up to the originality, depth, and mind-stretching effects of the teachings of Jane Robert’s Seth. (See Jane Robert’s Oversoul Seven series for an entertaining introduction to many of Seth’s concepts in a fictional format)

Relevant Scientific Research

1. Ullman, M., Krippner, S., and Vaughn, A.,(1973) Dream Telepathy: Experiments in Nocturnal ESP, Penguin Books, Baltimore.

2. Sherwood, S. J., & Roe, C. A. (2003). “A review of dream ESP studies conducted since the Maimonides dream ESP programme” Journal of Consciousness Studies, 10, 85-109.

3. Utts, J., (1996) “An Assessment of the Evidence for Psychic Functioning “The Journal of Scientific Exploration, 10(1), 3- Page 3-30.

4. Radin, Dean., The Conscious Universe: The Scientific Truth of Psychic Phenomena.  Chapter 14,”A Field Guide to Skepticism,” available online at:

5. The Journal of Scientific Exploration 22(1), 2008. After his death, JSE devoted an entire issue as a tribute to Dr. Ian Stevenson's life and work. (Ian Stevenson, M.D., formerly Carlson Professor of Psychiatry and Director of the Division of Personality Studies at the University of Virginia.)

6. Stevenson, Ian. Reincarnation and Biology: A Contribution to the Etiology of Birthmarks and Birth Defects Volume 1: Birthmarks, and Reincarnation and Biology: A Contribution to the Etiology of Birthmarks and Birth Defects Volume 2: Birth Defects and Other Anomalies.  For a summary of this research, in less than 200 pages (but with enough details and photographs to give you an idea of the quality of this research) see his Where Reincarnation and Biology Intersect.

“The Last Enemy” (short story) by H. Beam Piper. 
Available online at:
Initiation by Elizabeth Haich
The Education of Oversoul Seven, The Further Education of Oversoul Seven,
and Oversoul Seven and the Museum of Time by Jane Roberts
The Reality Matrix by John Dalmas   

The Reincarnation of Peter Proud (1988)
Defending Your Life (1991)
What Dreams May Come (1998)


Appendix 1

“A Past Life Pavilion”
11 50  (Lucid)   “ . . .  I go down the stairs to the living room, and find a group of older English(?) men and women waiting for me. Apparently they sit on some sort of judgment or advisory panel.  They direct me over to a “mirror” so that I can see my past incarnations.  Looking in the mirror, I see a blue-eyed, horse-faced, lantern- jawed man, who somehow seems feminine looking.  This changes into another figure, more similar to my present body.  Then a woman appears, at least 9 ft. tall and of apparently another race.  When I touch her breasts it feels as if I touch myself.  Several more transformations . . . in one I wear a blue cloak and mask and hat, that together make a sort of helmet. He looks very impressive - I feel real sense of power in this one.  Taking off the man’s helmet, I see a face similar to my own. 

Next I see a tall woman, about my height with her dress up above her hips, her vagina up much higher than in humans and with 6 in. or so of space between the insides of her thighs. I touch her, but she warns me away because she has a disease (I think she knows unconsciously that we share an identity) I notice the scabs then and feel disgusted when I see her eat one. I let her know I understand and love her, but shake off the scales from my hand, and spit out some from my mouth.

I see several other transformations, and then go back to the advisory group where we have a discussion. A man shows me many pictures of myself in past lives, some apparently with him. I see a blond Scottish man, who died young, and another from Italy. . . . I tell the man I want to know my purpose in life. "Very commendable", he says, but nothing else. A woman comes over and gives me advice about women, relationships in general, and sex."

(Note: I had this dream 8 years before the movie Defending Your Life came out)

Appendix 2

 “Filter” seemed a very powerful entity.  I sensed no evil in him, but a very strong sense of self, of egotism.  I also realized that whatever abilities and power he had, I had also, and more - from what I’d gained from the lives after his. “Meeting A Past Life Self From Long, Long, Ago.”
38 174  (Fully Lucid) “ . . . In an apartment, in darkness.  . . . I experience a veil wrapped around my head, which obscures my vision further. I become fully lucid, and try to turn on the lights by flipping light switches, which worked earlier in the dream.   I also chant “Bright Light!, Light Bright!” a few times, and the space lights up.  The apartment looks smooth and modern, newly painted, with a circa 1920s look, illuminated with greenish light. 

Remembering my task, I chant: “By the power of Alkahest, let my most powerful past life healer manifest!”   Nothing much happens at first, but eventually I see the figure of a man, with his back towards me.  He turns around, and I see a tall black man, old but tough and powerful.  His eyes seem missing or a dull black.  I ask him if he seems my most powerful past life healing self.  He answers, “Yes” in a friendly voice.  I ask when he lived. He says “Long, long ago.”  This warns me, as it may mean that he (an earlier “me”) may not yet have developed ethics.  He adds that he “lived at the time of (during the reign of) Ferdinand the younger.”  I ask his name, and he says “Filter.”  I repeat the word aloud to make sure I heard him correctly.  He then proposes doing a healing on me and puts his left hand on my face.  Sparks of red energy come out of his hand, and he started a chant: “Nux Am It Tee Ha __ __ __ __.”  I repeat it aloud, to help me memorize it (only partially succeeding).  I wonder if he works at healing my eyes to improve my eyesight. 

However, instead of experiencing a healing I find myself pushed away from him. I end up in a dirty, crudely built hut, with a mud floor. Below me I see a small overweight black man/chief, a black woman, and a pig-like monster, who jumps up and tries to bite me where I float in a sort of transparent OBE body.  When I appeared in the hut, the man peered towards me, asking “Max? That you?  Have you returned?”  I wonder if I’ve gone to some sort of astral hell, and if “Filter” has tried to change places with me.  I try to send a lightning bolt at the pig creature, which usually works in lucid dreams, but nothing manifests.  I realize I should try loving the creature, but feeling a bit apprehensive, I can’t manage to feel any love towards it.  A very real, unpleasant, place for me in which I seem relatively powerless.   I continue floating, and then simply make a slight intentional effort to return to physical reality. Somewhat to my surprise, this succeeds.”  RWPR.

Comment: “Filter” seemed a very powerful entity.  I sensed no evil in him, but a very strong sense of self, of egotism.  I also realized that whatever abilities and power he had, I had also, and more - from what I’d gained from the lives after his.

Appendix 3

“My Most Recent Past Life? / Experiencing My Oversoul”
In the first part of the dream, I tuned into?/remembered? the afterlife of a man, perhaps my last incarnation, existing in a sort of Earth bound or Earthlike limbo, who had just "woken up" to his having died, some 29 years after his murder. In the second part, now Fully Lucid to Super Lucid, I somehow spontaneously become part of a greater entity on an “Oversoul” level - experiencing myself as puppeteer rather than puppet:

40 08
Part 1.  “I seem a young man, about twenty, slim, dark straight hair, wearing a cap. I’d lived in New York City, from 1900 to 1920 or so, but had died 29 years ago with my sister.  A man had killed us, justifying our murders because he needed to make some money.  I’ve just “come to” and realized that I’d died.  As a ghost, I find and confront the man who killed me, scare him off the top of the building - he falls and dies.  He looked surprised to see me after so long - I understand I‘d appeared to some people the night of my murder, but not since then.  I feel justified in doing what I’ve done.

“I return to the discarnates/friends I’d spent the last 29 years with, in a very pleasant magical place at night.  Now that I realize that I’ve died, I decide to explore this afterlife city.  I see a sort of parade.  I and some other discarnates jump onto a sort of bench vehicle, hitching a ride, believing ourselves invisible.  But the vehicle detects our presence, shuts down, the little girl driving turns into a guard, clamps and manacles appear - a sort of trap.  We get shunted off to a purgatory-like prison.

“As the other prisoners/discarnates get led away, I realize that my manacle has come loose.  I make a break for the door, but the guard catches me.  The gatekeeper/warden says in a calm pleasant voice, “Maybe he does not belong here. Let’s check.”  He puts a small blue chain about my left wrist, but rather than engaging, it just falls off. This settles it apparently. I do not belong in the prison, so they let me go.  Apparently “my act of vengeance” (on my murderer) registers more as justice than vengeance.

“Once outside the prison they want to assign a young girl to me, as my helping spirit. The boy objects (at this point “I” have become detached, and mostly observe). He says he could not stand it - as he would probably fall in love with her, as he had no girlfriend in his physical life.  His mentor (the warden?) doesn’t push him, but eventually out of curiosity the boy looks in on the girl, as she races a boat-truck down a road.  He intervenes, distracting a cop by creating a ghost truck as a diversion, which the cop chases until it disappears.  . . . Later at an outdoor cafe I (now the boy again) sit with a group of discarnates at a table. The girl sits down, acting as if she can see us, takes our orders as a waitress.  I use the opportunity to snag the order of sodas from another table, levitating it over.  We all drink by levitating our glasses, one woman exclaims happily that she can feel “bubbles in her toes” after drinking.  The girl (Dale or Gale?) looks surprised at the levitations, but her fantasy gave us permission to manifest in physical reality in some way . . . “

Part 2.  Fully to Super Lucid "He/I now sits at a large desk or an impressive table. He/I seems in charge of a group of incarnates and disincarnates, a sort of Oversoul. He/I feels extremely competent, self-confidant, and powerful, but He/I still takes orders from an even Higher Level. Out of a clear tube He/I gets hundreds of cards relating to instructions for different sefiroth, blue cards, green cards, orange cards. He/I feels a sense of having Eternity to work in. Now I (the Ed Kellogg part), become fully lucid. Although I feel very curious about the cards, and even though it might not seem appropriate ("the tail wagging the dog") I decide to try taking advantage of this opportunity to do my predetermined task. I chant SHH AHH MASHH (Shamash, the Hebrew word for the Sun). As I chant I intend Integration, for me to tune into the Oversoul entity and become one with it. I feel a powerful vibration on both sides of my head, like two speakers over-volumed and ready to blow. My head feels ready to explode or come apart from the powerful vibrations. I intend the bridges (connecting pathways on the Tree of Life), and manage to chant Shamash one more time before returning to waking physical reality."

Comment: This bare bones account needs some commentary. First, both I (Ed Kellogg), and the disincarnate man, belonged to the group of entities over which this “Oversoul” had charge. In the dream report, I used the term “He” in “He/I” to indicate the Oversoul part of our overlapping consciousness, but as a pronoun “He,” even emphasized, doesn’t quite fit, as this consciousness did not seem masculine in the usual sense, just immensely powerful.  Although awkward, “He/It” makes a better fit.   His/It's attitude (which I felt) seemed benevolent in a purely nonattached way - He/It cared about his charges as parts of a larger picture but had little concern for their individual well-being as such. And as far as their physical well-being went, He/It cared no more about the duration of their physical lives, or the state of their physical bodies, than you or I might care about that of a pair of paper shoes. (The disposable ones they give you at health spas to walk around in. Once the shoes have served their purpose, or show any wear, you throw them away and get another pair if you need one. And you do so without slightest thought or regret for the fate of those shoes.) The Oversoul lived in Eternal time and could not view the physical situations of his charges as they did. Unless the physical condition of their bodies had to do with the greater purpose or pattern, it simply had no relevance or importance.

Up to the point of this super-lucid dream I had a vaguely anthropomorphic concept of my "Higher Self". I felt that His/It's concerns had at least some kind of similarity to my own, and that if I could find some way of communicating my needs to Him/It, It would respond in a positive fashion. After this dream I realized that living in Eternity, that the purposes of this "Deeper Me", had very little to do with my own temporal and physical concerns. Not out of a lack of caring or compassion, but simply through a fundamental difference in viewpoint. Some might argue that I could have come up with a similar insight if I'd taken the time to consider the matter logically. Granted, but this misses the point. After this dream I did not understand this in a tentative or abstract way - I knew it experientially and with certainty.

Appendix 4

“A Contract Negotiation For My Next Incarnation”
34 27 (Sub-lucid) “I talk with a man, an authority figure, about my next assignment/incarnation on Earth.  He wants me to sign a contract - I refuse. The terms seem unspecified and he won’t tell them to me.  Also I feel incomplete, sub-lucid, I don’t have full access to my memories and mind.  I feel angry and frustrated because he obviously tries to take, and in the past has, taken advantage of this.  I tell him I want to remember all of my past lives and to control my future life.  He offers me 50% control of my future life- but I remember that for this life I already have 55%.  He offers me less control than I already have this time around, dishonestly promoting it as a deal because he expects I will not remember. He will not reply or respond to my demand for full memory.  I refuse to sign.

“I weep bitter tears at the relationships sundered by ignorance. People who only meet casually in a lifetime, who if they could remember their past lives would fall weeping with joy into each others’ arms.  I find my Aunt Betty, who had died years ago, now a young woman, and we embrace each other tearfully and joyfully, frustrated and angry that in life so much of our feelings for each other remained masked by ignorance and forgetfulness brought about with reincarnation!  Why!

“I sit at a table and talk with friends about this - why we get these boring lives, why not “Star Trek” or “Wizard” type lives and realities.  These choices seem available - in fact, I feel certain I’ve picked a wizard reality in the past - but the powers in charge use ignorance and memory blocks to get us to “choose” the lives they want us to live - for their own purposes.  I want to remember fully before making any decisions - no more clouded awareness.  I refuse to sign.”  

Copyright - All Rights Reserved - Ed Kellogg, Ph.D. 2008

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